2. VAISHNO DEVI : Hotel – Helicopter Booking & Trek to Bhawan 
  3. VAISHNO DEVI : Bhawan Darshan and Bhaironath Temple 

2nd August 2012, Thursday 

Pahalgam to Katra
Finally it was sad time as we are about to leave Pahalgam. This is one of the most attached destinations to my heart and I was feeling very dejected at this moment. We woke up in the morning early. We had already booked Tavera before, for Rs. 3800 till Katra . We left Pahalgam at 6.00 AM and our target was to reach Katra and relax a bit. Next day we had to climb Vaishno Devi.
Final moments in Pahalgam
In Anantnag we stopped for tea which is around 45 kms from Pahalgam. We saw beautiful shop selling Kashmir handicrafts.Kashmiri handicrafts vary from synthetic and woolen shawls, sarees, dresses, Paper Mash artifacts, art jewelry and wood carvings. Shawls vary from Rs. 450/- for the synthetic one to Rs.9000/- for pure Pashmina Wool Shawl. Sarees started from Rs. 400/-. Pashmina shawls are very soft, light and have a self contained design, though they look ordinary. Papier Machie items have a wide range from sindhoor box, key chains, Candle stand to Jewel Box. Wood Craft has Shikhara Boats, Hookahs, Ash Trays and Cigarette Cases. Art jewelry has a wide range too.
Kashmir Willow tree is found all along the Jammu Srinagar Highway and Cricket Bat industries are found all along the way.Cricket bats range from Rs.250-/ to Rs.2500/- which are targeted at low and middle income youngsters. They ship these bats all over India.
A handicrafts shop in Anantnag
After crossing Anantnag we reached Qazigund and again we bought some fruits Red and Yellow plums along with some Kashmir Apples. And Finally we reached last part of Kashmir Valley called Jawahar Tunnel. Now aftercrsooing this tunnel  temperature was going to increase drastically at least by 7 degree C.
Jawahar Tunnel
To our surprise , it had rained heavily in Jammu Valley which didn’t affect much temperature rise. The weather was still pleasant in Jammu Valley beacause of rains.
Landslide due to heavy rains
If you can see below the color of Chenab river has turned to Orange which includes red sand mixed from the mountains. When I came to this valley the color was green.
Beautiful Chenab Valley ( Jammu Srinagar Highway)
Chenab Valley
Lot of Military Trucks are found on Jammu Srinagar Highway.
Ramban is the place which is the centre of Jammu and Anantnag. From Anantnag there are two diversions. One goes to Pahalgam and other goes to Srinagar. So Ramban becomes ideal place to have food and fueling. Although it is crowdy th hotels here are best and one can find lot of Hindu veg Hotels where one can have Rajma rice.
Ramban from a distance and Chenab river.
Then after crossing Ramban after around half an hour to hour a huge dam arrives called Baglihar Dam on Chenab river which is treat to watch. The project is estimated to cost USD $1 billion.
Baglihar Dam ( Jammu Srinagar Highway)
After crossing Baglihar dam , there is huge spiral climb for around  one and half to two hours we reached Batote and then Patnitop. This time atmosphere in Patnitop was foggy so we couldn’t see much but temperature was very pleasant.
Fog in Patnitop
Crossing Patnitop we shopped some sweets specially Patisa at Kud.
Then after around 2 hours at 4.30 PM we reached finally reached Katra .
After reaching Katra , I found a hotel called Niharika Guest house which is run by Vaishno Devi Shrine board. We had rest all the evening at our Hotel as it was raining very heavily. Next morning we were on the way to Vaishno Devi Shrine climb.

Dear Viewers ,
Thanks once again for going through the post. In the next edition of this series I am going to take you to my journey towards Vaishno Devi Shrine . Till then 
Jai Bhole 

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